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hat is your Toll Free Number really worth?  For that matter, what is any Toll Free Number worth?  Demand far outstrips supply.  The steady depletion of available Toll Free Vanity Numbers has created a high demand for such numbers, and opportunities for those holding numbers which are not presently being utilized to their fullest.

Over the past several years, both on-going marketing campaigns by direct response advertisers and the increased development of Internet start up companies have pushed the valuation of Toll Free Numbers to a significantly higher level.

While the original 800 series numbers lasted almost 30 years before being exhausted in 1996, introduction by the FCC/SMS in 1997 of an additional 888 series ran low in only 2 years. To meet the demand an 877 series was introduced in 1998 but even that started running low in early 1999. Towards the end of July 2000, a new 866 prefix was released and an 855 prefix is scheduled for some time in 2002. 

Demand has simply increased as business owners discovered that Vanity Phone Numbers (names) are a marketing sales tool that truly works. There is simply no easier way for a customer to reach a merchant than a great "user friendly" Vanity Phone Number.

Our service will appraise your Toll Free Number, no matter what the prefix is.  This valuation will be based upon up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of this highly specialized field.  You'll find that our service will be quick and accurate.  You might be surprised at what your Vanity number is worth to someone else.

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